Mahjong, also known as Mahjong Solitaire or Shanghai Solitaire, is the most popular board puzzle game in the world. Match open pairs of identical tiles and remove all tiles to complete a board!
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Mahjong Basic Rules
The game of mahjong requires four players, 144 tiles and two dice to roll. It’s important to note, however, that there are variations in how the game is played from country to country. The goal of mahjong is similar to poker, in that the aim is to make matching sets and pairs. A set is three or four identical tiles or three consecutive tiles (also known as ‘melds’), and a pair is two of the same tiles (often called ‘eyes’). To win mahjong a player must form four sets and one pair. When you know you have a winning hand, you can shout ‘mahjong!’
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Mahjong is a traditional game established in China about 100 years ago. Classic mahjong was played with 144 mahjong tiles and four players.

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Do you enjoy playing Mahjong? Then you have come to the right place! We offer a large selection of free online mahjong games including games like Mahjong Dimensions, Mahjong Dark Dimensions, Mahjong Candy, and Mahjong Solitaire. You will be addicted to these addictive games and want to play mahjong all the time!

Known as a strategy game, Mahjong is played around the world by people of all ages. If you wish, you may test your skills against other players in real time or you may select to play Mahjong online on your own.

We have a wide variety of Mahjong variations and different layouts that will keep you entertained for a long time. Put your skills to the test by playing our free Mahjong games!


What is Mahjong?

Mahjong is a game of strategy, skill, and summarization that is fun and enormously popular. You are required to create identical sets and matching pairs from 136 tiles in the classic version of the game. Mahjong, a classic Chinese game that dates back to the early 1800s, has been played across China for centuries.

As with our other online memory games, Mahjong is also a great game to play if you are looking to improve your memory skills and de-stress. Mahjong players often choose to play on large-screen mobile devices, such as iPads or Android tablets, to enjoy online games.

Although many Mahjong games vary by region, the basic principles are the same and include the following tiles:

  • 36 characters
  • 36 bamboo tiles
  • 36 circles (suits)
  • 16 wind tiles
  • 12 dragons

Mahjong has 144 tiles when you play it online. There are extra tiles in these Mahjong games as follows:

  • Four flower tiles
  • Four season tiles

What is the Objective of Mahjong?

Mahjong’s goal is very simple—to get Mahjong!

Mahjong is achieved by organizing all 14 tiles into four sets and one pair. A set of tiles is known as a pung or a chow and has the following value:

  • Mahjong Pung = three identical tiles
  • Chow = three numbers consecutively
  • with identical tiles (can be any of them)

Earning points depends on your ability to make the correct move quickly and accurately. The number of points you earn will depend on the version of Mahjong you play.

When playing free Mahjong, you might find it helpful to keep track of your points. In the event you don’t, you might end up getting a lower score than you anticipated.

How to Play Mahjong

By playing free Mahjong games, you can put your strategic thinking skills to the test. Traditional Mahjong is the easiest to learn, but you can play other versions online as well.

Before playing traditional Mahjong games online, you should know six things:

  • Using discarded tiles, you must get Mahjong
  • Mahjong is four sets of three tiles and one pair of tiles
  • You make sets in Mahjong games in two ways
    • Pung
    • Chow
  • The game starts with all 144 tiles laid out as a “wall” in the center of the game surface
  • You have to match these tiles, finding ones that are the same
  • You score points by matching ones that are:
    • Not covered
    • Away from the sides
    • Special characters

You’ll find a variety of free Mahjong games on our site. The rules of these games may differ from the basic version. Before playing a game, make sure you know how to play the version you’re interested in.

Top Tips When Playing Online Mahjong Games

Mastering online Mahjong requires concentration.

To play games successfully, you need more than that. You will be able to make better decisions, score more points, and win faster by following these tips:

  • Always try and match tiles that will reveal the most hidden titles
  • Horizontal tiles are harder to remove
  • If you have three of the same tile then match the two that unveil the most tiles
  • If you get into a situation you can’t solve then shuffle the tiles

We offer a variety of free Mahjong games online. Mahjong is played by removing all Mahjong tiles from the board before time runs out.

However, there’s a catch!

Mahjong tiles can only be selected if they do not have any other tiles adjacent to them. You must go faster to earn more points, so you have to race against the clock.

Let’s play!

Which Mahjong Variants Are Played Online?

Mahjong has evolved into a large variety of games over the last couple of centuries. It’s difficult to recreate some variants of Mahjong Dimensions in the physical world, so they are almost exclusively played online. Some of them, such as Mahjong Connect, Mahjong Classic, and Deluxe Mahjong, can be played in real life.

Mahjong Connect

Mahjong Connect, also known as Mahjong Solitaire, is a variant of the game in which players must clear a board of tiles in order to win. Setting up sets and pairs by using one, two, or three lines helps sets fall into place. These mahjong variations are often chosen by players who want to improve their reflex time and their pattern recognition.

Mahjong Dimensions

A variation of traditional mahjong, this Arkadium original involves players manipulating a three-dimensional stack of symbolic mahjong tiles and matching pairs of them. Mahjong Dimensions eliminates the need for multi-tile sets and places an emphasis on pattern recognition, reaction time, and processing speed. As the players progress through the levels, more challenging tiles are added to the board. The more quickly the tiles are paired, the more points each player receives.

How Long Does a Game of Mahjong Take?

Live Mahjong games with four players can take up to 15 minutes. A live Mahjong game lasts approximately four hours.

It takes less time to play Mahjong online, which is one of the most appealing features. Mahjong games that are free to play often come with a timer.

A game like this may last no longer than ten minutes, meaning that it takes very little time to play.

What Does Mahjong Mean?

Mahjong means “little sparrow” in Chinese.

The game’s name is believed to come from the sound the tiles make when they’re shuffled, which sounds like sparrows conversing.

How Do I Say Mahjong?

Maa-zhong is how Mahjong is pronounced.

When you say it correctly, you treat it as two separate words that are joined together. Using this method, you will be able to pronounce Mahjong correctly, while accentuating both parts.

The History of Mahjong

Mahjong is a fascinating game with a long history.

Unlike our free Mahjong games, traditional Mahjong is an ancient Chinese strategy game with a slightly different concept.

The ancient strategy game Mahjong is played with bamboo tiles, and it was introduced to the rest of the world in the early 20th century. Chinese authorities prohibited household mahjong games in 2019 because many people used the game to gamble. The Chinese government viewed this behavior as impure, even though most bets were less than $20.

Mahjong is usually played by four players with 144 Mahjong tiles based on Chinese characters. Initially, each player has 13 tiles and draws and discards them as they go until they win.

With many variations around the world, Mahjong has become a strategy game today!

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